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There is no doubt that adding images to a website can enhance its appeal to visitors.  Too many, however, and it can take on a cluttered look and feel.  We will work with you to develop an acceptable balance.

If you have any digital photographs, or other digital images, you wish to use, we can include them.  We will optimise them before publishing.

We can also scan material and include it as fast loading images.

Other sources of images, such as online stock image libraries are available, for which there will be a charge.

Modern digital cameras produce high quality images but tend to generate large files, often several Megabytes. Unfortunately, if these are included in a website, they can take many minutes to load, by which time the visitor gets bored and moves on to the next site.

We process digital images   (optimise)  so they still retain a satisfactory quality for display screens, but are  much reduced in size, to load swiftly.

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